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Accountability is the cornerstone of businesses that are built to last, yet most organizations struggle to make it a foundational part of their strategy. Darnell Osborne helps organizations tie outcomes back to financing, so leadership can be certain they are being the best possible stewards of the organization’s resources.

Darnell firmly believes that we, as leaders, must actively work as a positive force in shaping our world, advocating for social justice, transparency, integrity and trust. Darnell has built a strong career as an accounting professional known for her high standard of excellence and her commitment to transparency and accountability. She is a former President of The Bahamas Institute of Chartered Accountants, former Chairperson of Bahamas Power & Light, and is a successful entrepreneur and businesswoman. Her commitment to promoting strong governance and social justice led her to found the advisory firm Citadel Consultants Limited to support businesses in recalibrating their strategies for transparency, resilience and success.

Darnell is a stark advocate for the advancement of women in leadership using her voice, network and platform to drive reforms that enable inclusion and empower women in developing their professional career paths.

with transparency,
good governance and

Harness the power of transparency and strong governance to build your long-term business legacy. Darnell supports today’s leaders in building the fundamental principles of accountability that will make their organization endure.

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Helping organizations create long-term positive change

Most visionary organizations want to leave their mark by improving outcomes,
reducing inequalities and building a more resilient society; yet, they do not have the governance structures that ensure they will create lasting change.

Darnell is a stark advocate for social justice and the advancement of women in leadership roles and supports organizations globally in efforts to drive diversification and inclusion
and address society’s issues.